Telford Community Pride Awards Results

Trustees Adam, Andy, Emily and Paul attended the award ceremony last night, and had a wonderful time talking to other nominees, explaining what we do, and putting the word out there about Telford Makerspace. There was much anticipation - our category was towards the end, so the tension was building up massively by the time it was announced. For each category, a short video clip was played featuring each group or individual talking about what they do and who benefits, so by the time we were up, we knew the what to expect, and were all holding our breath during the announcement.

We were up against Parents Opening Doors and Telford and Wrekin Interfaith Council, and unfortunately, we didn't win - the very deserving winners were Parents Opening Doors, but we were so proud to have been nominated in the first place, so we didn't feel too disappointed!

We did receive a goody bag and a nice commemorative certificate: