We have some major news! We received an email last night (7 October 2020) in regards to our charity application... We've done it! They're happy with our application, and we're now a registered charity! The next community discussion coming up on Thursday the 15th is going to be a big one, so I hope you will join us as we may have some other big news coming soon too! I do want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave us the support we needed to go through the charity application process!

Charitable status opens up a whole vista of opportunities for us, including funding/grants, premises, equipment and most of all, prestige. It also means that we will have to change the ways we operate somewhat - and we, the Trustees, are currently learning what that means in detail! For now, most things will stay the same - we will outline any immediate changes at the community discussion on the 15th, and discuss other changes as we get to them! Exciting times!

Charity details

  • Charity number and name: 1191698 TELFORD MAKERSPACE
  • Trustees:
    • Emily Locke
    • Glyn Davies
    • Andy D'Arcy Jewell