WhamBam! have kindly donated two silicone Slap Mat spill control surfaces for working with 3D printer resins, glues and other sticky substances, and a load of stickers for give-aways. Because the Slap Mat is made of soft, flexible silicone, it is resistant to most resins, glues and chemicals, and is easy to clean. Once photo-sensitive 3D printing resin spilt on it has been exposed to sunlight, it hardens, and then can be easily removed by simply flexing the mat!. Thanks so much, Wham Bam!

WhamBam! Slap Mat example use.

On top of that, Kitronik have also kindly donated a box of goodies containing a Microbit Inventor's Kit, containing lots of components plus a GPIO expander for a BBC MicroBit, and an Experiments manual showing you how to use it all. Ideal for budding makers and STEAM enthusiasts! On top of that, there are 10 LED Night Light circuit soldering kits that turn on when the light gets dim, and a pile of funny maker themed stickers.  We're well impressed! Thanks, Kitronik!